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Digital Fragility

25 November 2018, Redon, Bethnal Green

Filthy Lucre presented music from broken machines, imagined games and toy pianos.

Digital Fragility saw Joe Snape return to Filthy Lucre with an extended work, Fleck Flob Flop, a love story performed with live typing, brittle electronics and acoustic instruments on the edge of collapse.

Three astonishing pianists (Ben Smith, Joseph Havlat and Siwan Rhys) then performed Matt Rogers's Mammals On The Edge, chiptune works that combine automated virtuosity with nostalgic whimsy. They also played Tristan Perich's qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq, for three toy pianos and electronics, and Thundercat’s Bowzer’s Ballad, a touching work dedicated to Nintendo boss Hiroshi Yamauchi. 

The event closed with the London debut of Kinder Meccano, a duo composed of Vitalija Glovackyte and Michael Cutting. They make music using tape machines, home-made instruments, modified keyboards and lo-fi visuals, creating pulsing, semi-broken music.

Photos by Dimitri Djuric

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