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Hurricane Bells: Rich Mix

4 Feburary 2022, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, London

In this project, Filthy Lucre presented music from across genres, exploring how cultures blend and fuse in migration.


Following on from our exhibition of Peter Shenai's musical sculpture Hurricane Bells at Heong Gallery, Cambridge, we presented a night of music at Rich Mix, London.

Filthy Lucre commissioned jazz trumpeter and composer Byron Wallen, whose work Hurricane Bells took Shenai's bells as its starting point. The bells' strange, discordant sounds were incorporated into an octet combining jazz and classical musicians.

Three soloists from the ensemble performed two works by Liza Lim; Ehwaz (Journeying) for trumpet and percussion, and Invisibility for solo cello embrace concepts from Viking and Aboriginal Australian traditions.

A set from Petit Oiseau concluded the concert. This duo brings together rare classical Indian string instruments and a custom software modular synthesiser.

Review: The Arts Desk **** (click through for extracts)

Review: Jazzwise Magazine (click through for extracts)

Photographs: Dimitri Djuric

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