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Lingua Ignota

24 February 2018, Hackney Showroom

On 24th February 2018, at Hackney Showroom in London, Filthy Lucre presented Lingua Ignota, a night of imagined languages.

Like music, imaginary language conveys a need for urgent communication but has unspecifiable meaning. We can glimpse what it means, but never truly grasp it. In this event, which moved from concert to gig to club night, Filthy Lucre continued its exploration of ambitious music in bold settings. 


With chamber choir and synthesisers, the Filthy Lucre Ensemble performed Claude Vivier’s langue inventée; Hildegard’s lingua ignota; the nonsense of Bowie/Eno’s Warszawa and the electric babble of the Talking Heads.

New music by Laurence Osborn, art by Georgia Hicks, and film by Paul Vernon Filmmaker was performed alongside arrangements by Emma-Jean Thackray and Joseph Bates. Lead man Love Ssega performed the final set, bringing the night to a dynamic close.

Photos by Mike Grittani

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