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Lost in the Nameless City

11 July 2014, The Bussey Building, Peckham

Filthy Lucre returned to Peckham to explore shining cities and urban decay, ruinlust and abandonment, suburbs, utopias and the towns they built to change.

The Clash – London Calling [Geoff Clapham, singer]
Fausto Romitelli – Lost (UK premiere) [Lore Lixenberg, soprano]
Arcade Fire – Sprawl I (Flatland)

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint [Rob Luft, guitar]
With a new film by Paul Vernon.
Luke Newman & Cecil B Demented [poets]  – New Works 
with Emma-Jean Thackray [composer]

Emma-Jean Thackray – New Work
Aaron Parker [composer] – New Work
Gil Scott-Heron – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – I'm New Here [Luke Newman, poet]
Saul Williams – Twice The First Time [Cecil B Demented, poet]
Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

DJ Napper and Ilghazi

Hilary Glover,
'Forums like Filthy Lucre are essential to music, providing a home for new works and experimentation, and allowing composers and performers a chance to grow. Everything I heard had some interesting ideas in it and brought a new look at the lives of people living in this city. '

Our surveyed audience members
'I used to go to classical music concerts, many years ago, as a student. I got sick of attending events playing only the music of dead composers - wonderful though they were. I resolved to go to concerts of new music but could find none. The radio told me I didn't like new music. I am delighted to find the situation is now changing and it's easier to find LIVING composers.'

‘even though I've never seen this genre live I didn't really notice it as 'out of my comfort zone' because of the over-arching theme.’ 

‘Without such a tight-knit theme it might have been very confusing having such different genres juxtaposed, but it hung together so well.’

'the event had a very lively, young and creative feel, very exciting.’

Photos by Nick Rutter

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