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Sound Icons

2 October 2015, Shapes, Hackney

Horatiu Radulescu created instruments he named ‘Sound Icons’. Drawing upon Romanian Orthodoxy and Pythagorean mathematics, he upended grand pianos, stripped them of their mechanical components and retuned the strings to create a stark instrument with a unique sonority. 

With two Sound Icons, orchestra, singers and DJs, Filthy Lucre explore the transformation of objects into sound. 

​Peter Quantrill, The Amati Magazine – ★★★★☆

'The Filthy Lucre Orchestra gave a confident, well-prepared performance under William Cole.'

'Shi wove in and out of his instrument’s snowline with hardly less authority than Vincent Royer for whom Rădulescu composed the work.'

'[Kerry Andrew] cut a stylish and self-contained stage presence, generous to her colleagues as they enjoyed Cageian riffs in Emma-Jane Thackray’s arrangement of Four Tet’s 128 Harps but channelling leftfield divadom  in Hannah Dilkes’s take on Solstice by Björk.'

Jonny Venvell, – ★★★★☆

'works by Grisey and Gal showcased a group at the top of their game, confidently exploring music at the very fringes of instrumental possibility.'

Photos by Nick Rutter

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