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The Prisoner

4, 5, 7 March 2015, The Crypt, Camberwell

In the dark of Camberwell Crypt, Filthy Lucre explored imprisonment and release, confinement and ecstasy, through light, noise and song. Inspired by Gil Scott-Heron's searing work, The Prisoner, Filthy Lucre performed music ranging from the murder ballads of Tom Waits to the numerological experiments of George Crumb.

George Crumb – Black Angels [Aisha Orazbayeva & Philip Granell, singer; Richard Jones, viola; Colin Alexander, cello]
Tristan Murail – Vampyr! [Nick Goodwin, guitar]
Dirty Projectors – Police Story [Geoff Clapham, singer]
Edmund Finnis – Brother, Sister
Joe Snape – lärmlicht 
Gil Scott-Heron – The Prisoner
Jacob TV – Grab It!
Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce, Gun Street Girl
Nick Cave – The Mercy Seat
James Blake – Retrograde

Photos by Crystal Ding

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