Hurricane Bells

A night of extravagant musical migrations.

Filthy Lucre presents music that explores how ​cultures blend and fuse in migration, as part of Trinity Buoy Wharf's 2021 Live season, and in association with Centrala.

Artist Peter Shenai has cast five bronze bells based on the structure of Hurricane Katrina. When struck in order, their descending tones indicate the growing power of the storm.

At Centrala, these bells will be available to the public as part of the Hurricane Bells Exhibition. Before this, they will be used in two concerts, featuring music by jazz, contemporary classical and electronic musicians:


Jazz composer Byron Wallen performs new works for these Hurricane Bells, exploring the collision of cultures in

New Orleans.


Top classical musicians play extravagant solos by composer Liza Lim that embrace concepts from Viking and Aboriginal Australian traditions.

Love Ssega 2.jpg

Singer Love Ssega performs a set of new songs, based on half-forgotten tapes of African funk.